July 23, 2024

UACCB Operating Procedure

710.1.1: Room Reservations Request Form

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Policy and Pricing have both been updated! See links at the right for more information.

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Food Service Information

Please Note: UACCB's campus is under contract with Pepsi Co Inc. and encourages the use of Pepsi products at your event.
Please note: Meals should be provided through a UACCB approved caterer/restaurant. It is your responsibility to coordinate the meal(s) for your event. If the desired caterer is not listed in the drop-down list below, you should contact the UACCB Food Service Manager (870-612-2118) to coordinate these services. Also note that not all approved caterers listed here deliver to UACCB. If they do not deliver, you will be responsible for picking up the food/refreshments. A list of UACCB approved caterers is located in the links above or in the drop-down list below. If the caterer you would like to use is not listed, their food service documentation must be reviewed by the UACCB Food Services Manager and approved PRIOR to your event. Select the caterer you will use from this list:

Event Setup Requirements

UACCB has 60" round banquet tables, 6' rectangular tables and banquet chairs available for use. The contact person for the event should work with the Director of Events for Independence Hall regarding set up for the event. UACCB does *not* supply table linens, china, or flatware. The use of incense or fog/smoke machines is discouraged; their use must be approved prior to the event. At no time will the fire alarm, smoke detectors, or any other safety system be disarmed or de-activated for the purpose of using this type of equipment. If your use of fog/smoke activates these systems, the facility must be evacuated, interrupting your event. Additional items UACCB can provide are listed below. Note: Microphones are not available in all rooms.
Please include name and phone number of technician.

Liability Insurance Information

Liability insurance is needed by third parties wishing to use College facilities for non-sponsored meetings, conferences, seminars, or other special events. This requirement can be satisfied by providing a certificate of insurance from the user’s insurance company with the University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville named as an additional insured. Policy states that the liability coverage shall not be less than one million dollars ($1,000,000) for any one occurrence. The insurance policy shall insure the State of Arkansas, the Trustees of the University of Arkansas System, UACCB, and the officers, employees, volunteers, and agents of each of them as additionally insured. Proof of liability insurance must be submitted within 10 business days of the scheduled event. This can often be added to your organization's existing liability insurance policy by your insurer.

Facilities Usage Agreement

By checking Yes, below, and submitting this form, you are attesting the following: I have read the UACCB Facilities Operating Policies and Procedures and I agree to be bound by them. I, or the organization I represent, accept full financial responsibility for any damage to UACCB facilities caused by me, other sponsors of the event, representatives of the organization sponsoring the event, or those attending the event for which facilities are being reserved. The event sponsor assumes liability for accidents occurring on the UACCB campus. I understand that UACCB will not be held liable for accidents occurring on the UACCB Campus. UACCB will not be held liable for personal items which are lost or stolen while the College facilities are being utilized. I also understand and agree to enforce UACCB’s Tobacco Free Policy (Arkansas Clean Air on Campus Act of 2009) and follow other campus policies, rules, and guidelines.

Completion of this form SHOULD NOT be considered confirmation of any request. The event sponsor will receive a formal confirmation after this form has been submitted and reviewed by the Events Coordinator for UACCB, provided the requested event is in the current UACCB fiscal year. If you have any questions, feel free to email the Events Coordinator or use the Contact Events link above.

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When you click the 'Submit Form' button below, you should be presented with a message indicating the form was successfully submitted. If you do not see this message, or you see another message indicating errors, please review the form and correct any errors and submit again. You should receive an emailed copy, at the email address you provided in the 'contact person email' field, above, of your successfully submitted form. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE AN EMAILED COPY, please contact the Event Coordinator to verify the form was received.