December 3, 2023

710.1 Use of UACCB Facility Including Independence Hall

Statement of Intent

The first and foremost purpose of the facilities at UACCB is to serve the educational needs of the college.  In particular, Independence Hall was built through the generosity of tax payers as well as through other federal, state, local and private funding.  When possible, the Independence Hall facility is offered for use by outside parties with the understanding that the needs of the college can and will come first.

Facilities Overview

Independence Hall offers venues to fit most needs for conferences, meetings, banquets, and special events.  Independence Hall is a multi-purpose facility which includes a 700-1500 seat auditorium, two meeting/banquet rooms, a lecture hall, two classrooms,  a separate stage area in the Student Commons area, and a warming kitchen.  All areas of Independence Hall are in compliance with the guidelines set forth by the American Disabilities Act (ADA).  Other areas of the campus may also be available for use as well.

Use by Non-College Groups/Scheduling Priorities

All facility use and reservations are governed by UACCB Facilities Use Operating Policies and Procedures.  The facilities of the University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville exist for the primary purpose of serving a planned and scheduled program of educational activity.  However, when the facilities are not in use for a regularly scheduled educational activity or for extracurricular use by one of the College organizations, the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (or his/her designee) is authorized to approve the use of the facility when such use serves the educational objectives of the College.

The use of facilities of the College should be extended to non-College groups only when that use will enhance, support, further, or enrich the mission of the University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville as stated in the official UACCB Catalog.

Requests for the use of College facilities by a non-College group should be directed to an individual designated by the Vice Chancellor.  The evaluation of the appropriateness and worth to the College program of a particular use of facilities by a non-College group or organization shall be based upon the following criteria:

1. Relevance and contribution to the needs of the educational program of the College.
2. Timeliness and intrinsic merit of the activity.
3. Availability of suitable space not needed for the educational activities of the College.
4. Value of the activity and experience in strengthening and enriching our community.
5. Opportunity for enhancing the people’s quality of life.

Scheduling of events is according to the established scheduling priorities. The priorities are as follows:

1.  Academic classroom needs
2.  Faculty / staff organizations or committees
3.  Campus sponsored events and activities
4.  Public Education activities
5.  Community groups or organizations not affiliated with UACCB

Non-college groups may begin scheduling events for the academic year (July 16 to June 30) beginning on July 15.

Use for Political Activities

Pursuant to UA Board of Trustees Policy 715.1, speeches and debates by or on behalf of candidates for public office may take place in Independence Hall.  However, arrangements must be made to allow reasonable opportunities for opposing candidates or points of view.  The College will neither support nor oppose views stated by such individuals (candidates) but will remain a neutral entity.  Activities for the purpose of political fundraising are not permitted.

Guidelines for Usage

The College reserves the right to determine the time, place, and manner of use of the facilities and space so as not to interfere with the mission and regular operation of the institution.  The use of College facilities must at all times conform to these regulations and to local, state, and federal laws.

The College reserves the right to allocate an appropriate room or space to match the nature of the activity or event.

UACCB reserves the right to approve or disapprove the use of its facilities for any reason without cause or explanation.  Appeals for denied reservations may be made to the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration with final determination by the Administrative Cabinet.  Any group that uses UACCB facilities for the purpose of solicitation will not solicit outside the room or area that they have rented.  No solicitation of students, faculty, staff or the public outside the reserved room or area will be allowed.  Individuals reserving and renting UACCB facilities will adhere to the same rules and policies as businesses.

If a reservation for use is made, the College reserves the right to amend or completely cancel the reservation due to circumstances.

The event sponsor assumes liability for accidents occurring on the UACCB campus.  All outside organization will be required to carry liability insurance for their event as stated in the Liability Insurance section of this form.

Live animals are prohibited in Independence Hall with the exception of service animals according to the American with Disabilities Act and law enforcement standards.

The use of the UACCB name and/or logo in promotional materials is prohibited except to designate the location of the event. Hand bills or flyers are not allowed on the campus or in the parking areas.  UACCB reserves the right to distribute information, when appropriate, about the College or related programs to individuals attending any event on the campus.

Alcohol Policy

The sale, distribution, promotion, advertisement or consumption of alcohol is not permitted anywhere on the UACCB campus.

Smoking and Tobacco Use

All college buildings are smoke and tobacco free areas.  A $250 tobacco compliance deposit will be required of all parties using the facility. Those using UACCB facilities are also encouraged to announce UACCB’s smoke/tobacco status at the start of the event and to include this information in any printed material they provide.

College disciplinary action and redress in civil court may be sought for violations of this agreement.

Process for Reservations

The Director of Plant Maintenance is designated as the Independence Hall facilities manager.  This person or a designated UACCB staff member will review all reservation requests for use of the facility.  If necessary, the Plant Manager or a designee will contact the representative of the organization applying for use of the facility to resolve any questions concerning the request.

Reservations for any room or space in Independence Hall and other designated areas of the campus must be made are made by submitting a Facilities Reservations Request Form (UACCB Operating Procedure 710.1.1).  A notice of approval or denial will be sent to the organization contact within 3 working days of determination provided the requested event is in the current UACCB fiscal year.

The Facilities Reservations Request Form requires the following information:

  • Contact person information including: name, phone, address, fax, and department, student organization, or off-campus affiliation
  • Date(s) and time(s) of the event
  • Space desired
  • Type of event
  • Expected attendance
  • Set-up needs (tables, chairs, time, sound, video equipment, etc.)
  • Parking needs
  • Additional equipment / technician needs
  • Security needs
  • Food service or catering information
  • Type of outside equipment or decorations to be used
  • Proof of insurance

The following regulations govern the use of the facility:

  • Contact person
    Reservations must be made by an adult official representative of the organization that will be utilizing the facility by completing the reservation request form.  This representative will be expected to attend the function and will be responsible as the representative of the organization using the facility.  In the case of a Registered Student Organization (RSO), reservation request forms must be signed by an officer or advisor.
  • Date(s) and time(s) of the event
    Reservations will only be made for the hours between 7:30 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. All outside lighting is turned off at 11:30 p.m.  Exceptions to these times may be made upon specific request with final approval by the Administrative Cabinet.  If approved, these exceptions will require an additional charge to cover the cost of personnel and services.
  • Set-up needs (tables, chairs, time, sound, video equipment, etc.)
    If the scheduled event requires set-up/take-down time, this must be noted on the reservation request form and will be considered part of the reservation time.  Excessive take-down time (time well beyond the noted reservation time) may be subject to additional charges.  Necessary furniture set-up/rearrangement must be listed on the Facilities Reservation Request Form and is subject to approval. Emergency exits and service doors cannot be blocked at any time. The reserving party is responsible for clean-up to return the facility to the condition in which it was found.
  • Additional equipment / technician needs
    UACCB’s audio-visual equipment is available for use in Independence Hall.  Equipment needs and technical requirements must be included in the Facilities Reservation Request Form and will be met on a first-come, first-served basis according to the previously listed priorities.Stage lights, sound systems, and other selected audio-visual equipment must be operated by a technician provided by or approved by the College.  Exceptions for outside persons to operate the sound and lighting must be requested on the initial Facilities Reservation Request Form.The proposed use of loudspeakers or any other type of amplified musical or sound instrument in Independence Hall should be included on the Facilities Reservation Request Form and is subject to approval. Consideration of college activities will take priority in all circumstances.If additional equipment is rented from outside vendors, the actual rental costs must be paid by the organization sponsoring the event and cannot be billed to or in care of UACCB.  UACCB will not be responsible for damages to non-college equipment.
  • Security needs/personnel
    UACCB reserves the right to require and approve security at selected events.  The College requires the use of official law enforcement officials or UACCB contracted security for these purposes.  Security personnel are not responsible for set-up or take-down of events.The event sponsor shall be responsible for providing adequate numbers of personnel to properly handle ticket sales, door checking, usher service, parking assistance, and other aspects of the event important to its proper presentation.
  • Parking needs
    Campus directions should be provided to event participants who may be unfamiliar with the College by the sponsoring organization.  Include “University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville – Independence Hall” as the location.  If it is necessary to include a telephone number for additional directions, please direct callers to the College’s main number at (870) 612-2000.Fire lanes, loading zones, and handicap parking regulations will be enforced at all times.  No vehicle will be allowed to drive or park on the grass.  Violating vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.  The event sponsor is responsible for providing personnel to assist with parking.For events larger than 300 people, event coordinators are advised to notify the Independence County Sheriff’s office to request traffic assistance for vehicles entering and leaving the campus.
  • Food service or catering information
    In the event that full food service such as serving a meal is planned for an event, caterers must be selected from an approved list provided by UACCB.  Final approval is given by the UACCB Food Services Manager.  This includes any use of the warming kitchen.  Caterers are required to hold a current permit from the Arkansas State Health Department.
  • Type of outside equipment or decorations to be used
    Use of ladders for decorating should be listed on the Facilities Reservation Request Form.  It is prohibited to stand on chairs, tabletops, etc.Decorations must be removed within the set-up/take-down times as stated on the reservation.  In some cases, decorations must be removed immediately so that another event can be held in the same area.  Exceptions for extremely large items may be made at UACCB’s discretion.The use of glitter, confetti, or similar fine items that are difficult to vacuum is subject to an additional maintenance fee.Banners and signs may be displayed in Independence Hall in designated areas, subject to UACCB approval.  Signs and/or banners must be free-standing or attached to an easel.  No signs or banners will be attached to the walls or glass or wooden doors of UACCB facilities in any way shape or form.  All banners and signs must be removed by the sponsoring organization at the event’s conclusion.Any use of incense, fog machines, pyrotechnics, and/or open-flamed candles must be listed on the Facilities Reservation Request Form and must be approved in advance of the event.  If approved, drip-less candles with sleeves or holders must be used.  The safety of all persons using the College facilities is the first priority of the College.  At no time will the fire alarm, smoke detectors, or any other safety system be disarmed or de-activated for the purpose of using this type of equipment.


  • Liability Insurance
    Liability insurance is required from third parties wishing to use College facilities for non-sponsored meetings, conferences, seminars, or other special events.  This requirement can be satisfied by providing a certificate of insurance from the user’s insurance company with the University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville named as an additional insured. The liability coverage shall not be less than one million dollars ($1,000,000) for any one occurrence.  The insurance policy shall insure the State of Arkansas, the Trustees of the University of Arkansas System, UACCB, and the officers, employees, volunteers, and agents of each of them as additionally insured.   Proof of liability insurance must be submitted within 10 business days of the scheduled event.


Confirmation of Reservation/Cancellations/Refunds

No reservation can be confirmed without a completed Facilities Reservations Request Form (containing appropriate billing /waiver information and/or purchase order and authorization) provided to UACCB.  The nonrefundable maintenance/cleaning fee is due no later than 15 business days in advance of the event unless alternative arrangements have been made prior to the due date.  UACCB will hold a reservation for 3 business days; payment must be made in order to confirm the reservation.  Failure to pay the fee on time will result in cancellation of the tentative reservation.

The contact person must cancel or amend reservations as soon as possible if plans are changed. Failure to cancel or amend reservations within 5 business days prior to the event or activity may result in forfeiture of the usage fee, the additional charge of a cancellation fee or denial of future use.  If the reserving group cancels the event more than five days prior to the event date, a refund of any costs not expended by the College will be providedIf canceled less than five days prior, a refund may be provided if any balance remains after deducting all college-incurred expenses specifically derived from this cancellation.  The maintenance/cleaning fee is nonrefundable.

Facility Use Rates

The following rates apply to non-UACCB groups and organizations.  The rental fee is waived for educational activities performed for the benefit of UACCB.  The maintenance/cleaning fee is mandatory and must be paid to confirm reservation. Parties must also pay a $250 tobacco compliance deposit.

All rates are inclusive of tables, chairs, and staging (if applicable).  Reservation time includes user’s set-up and take-down time.

Rental Fees Maintenance/Cleaning Fee
Room (approx. sq. ft.) Full Day 4 Hours 1 hour (per day)
IH 102 (1,200 sq. ft.) $   60.00 $   30.00 $   10.00 $   25.00
IH 103 (1,500 sq. ft.) $ 120.00 $   60.00 $   20.00 $   50.00
IH 104 (1,200 sq. ft.) $   60.00 $   30.00 $   10.00 $   25.00
IH 140 West (2,500 sq. ft.) $ 180.00 $   90.00 $   30.00 $   75.00
IH 140 East (2,500 sq. ft.) $ 180.00 $   90.00 $   30.00 $   75.00
IH 140 East & West (5,000 sq. ft.) $ 300.00 $ 150.00 $   50.00 $ 125.00
IH Auditorium (Seats 730) $ 450.00 $ 225.00 $   75.00 $ 150.00
IH Aud & 140E/W (13,000 sq. ft.; Seats 1,520) $ 600.00 $ 300.00 $ 100.00 $ 225.00
IH Commons Mini-Stage (500 sq. ft.) $ 60.00 $ 30.00 $ 10.00 $ 25.00
NAH 902 Lecture Hall (2,000 sq. ft.) $ 180.00 $   90.00 $   30.00 $   75.00
NAH 902 Foyer (1,000 sq. ft.) $   60.00 $   30.00 $   10.00 $   25.00

Full day rental is 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday thru Saturday

Room rates for other campus facilities besides Independence Hall are available upon request.

Additional costs can include but are not limited to:

  • Cost of repairs to facilities (cost and labor)
  • Cost from loss or theft of equipment
  • Cost for excessive clean-up of facility or parking lots.  Sponsor will be charged $25/hr
  • Use of audiovisual/computer technician (other than basic equipment set-up) – $25/hr
  • Services or personnel required after normal business hours: Monday through Saturday -7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

NOTE:  In the event that User sells tickets to the event, UACCB reserves the right to receive 10% of all gross revenues received by User for the event in addition to the fees outlined above.

The College reserves the right to waive, reduce or provide an in-kind charitable donation for use of the facilities at the sole discretion of the College.  The request for a waiver, reduction or in-kind sponsorship should be made in writing to UACCB either with the initial Facilities Reservation Request Form or within five days of the reserved date.  Approval of the waiver, reduction or in-kind donation will be at the discretion of the Administrative Cabinet.


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